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    Nextlight Core

    $595.00 $535.00

    Full spectrum light for seedling to harvest growth! 190W draw from the wall; replaces 400W HID grow light 100,000 hour lifespan Covers up to a 3×3 for flower, 4×4 for veg PPF: 380 umol/s, PPF/Watt: 1.92, 9lbs, BTUs: 640

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    NextLight Mega

    $1,695.00 $1,525.00

    DE 1000w HPS Replacement The NextLight Mega produces a high intensity full spectrum light designed to efficiently replace any DE 1000w HPS on the market. This bright white LED grow light is named “Mega” not for its size but for the increased production and large footprint it will supply to your canopy. Using only 650 watts, this light is perfect for growers looking to cover larger areas using less. The Mega covers a 5 ft x 5 ft flower footprint and a 7 ft x 7 ft veg footprint.

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    NextLight Mega Com Port ( Dimmable )

    $1,695.00 $1,525.00

    DIMMER NOT INCLUDED! NextLight Com Port is compatible with most 0-10v dimmers. Contact NextLight for additional dimming questions. 10′ cat6 cord included.

    Tested and Proven to be the Most Efficient

    We are proud to be one of the only grow light manufacturers with an L90 life rating of greater than 40,000 hours. This distinction makes the NextLight Mega one of the most efficient and longest lasting flowering grow lights on the market. 

    NextLight’s true efficiency allows our Commercial Customers to obtain the highest rebates and incentives from their energy providers.

    DE 1000w HPS Replacement

  • Nextlight Veg8


    The NextLight Veg8 is a full spectrum bright white LED grow light designed to efficiently replace a fluorescent 8 tube T5. This unit uses half the power, produces minimal heat and is silent. The Veg8 only draws 190 watts, covers a 2 ft x 4 ft veg footprint and eliminates the need to ever change a bulb again.