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Current Culture H2O recommends the use of reverse osmosis filtered water for best results.

When using reverse osmosis or low ppm tap water supplement the water with a Cal/Mag supplement at 0.5-1 mL/gal for water culture and 1-3 mL/gal for Rockwool and Coconut Fiber.

Recommended nutrient dosages are general and should be used as a base line. Stay within ou ppm/EC recommendations for best results.

For greenhouse applications it may be necessary to increase dosages by 15-25% to maximize plant production given the increase in lighting concentrations. Conversely, in lower light applications it may be necessary to decrease concentration slightly so as not to push plants beyond the given parameters at hand.

For soil or soilless applications it is recommended to leach with UC Roots periodically to aid in the avoidance of toxic mineral salt build ups. If pushing the plants with higher ppm regimes be sure to leach weekly.

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UC Roots


Hydroponic De-scaler

UC ROOTS is a hydroponic mineral de-scaler suitable for all hydroponics applications including Rockwool, NFT, DWC, RDWC, Ebb-N-Flow and substrate based DTW applications

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Coco Cal


Nutrition Optimization

Cultured Solutions® COCO Cal is a concentrated blend of readily available Calcium and Magnesium. It is formulated to assist fast growing plants by preventing secondary nutrient deficiencies.  COCO CAL helps optimize plant nutrition and enhances plant growth and development.  It is designed for rapidly growing plants in all growth and bloom phases.

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Cultured Solutions Veg


2-Part Premium Vegetative Nutrient

Cultured Solutions® Veg A & B combines all necessary macro and micro nutrients in a pH stable, chelated form, ideal for high performance hydro and water culture applications. Veg A & B offers plants the minerals needed in ideal ratios to ensure optimal uptake of the nutrient solution is achieved.

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Cultured solutions Bloom


2-Part Premium Bloom Nutrient

Cultured Solutions® Bloom A & B is a full spectrum, mineral based nutrient which contains all the elements necessary to produce prolific results. With a properly balanced dose of minerals in solution, Bloom A & B affords plants just what they need to thrive as they push forward into the reproductive stage.

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Cultured solutions Bloom Early


Flower Onset

Cultured Solutions® Bud Booster – Early is specifically formulated to aid in the development of flowering sites and is fortified with added Nitrogen and Magnesium to promote peak performance. Providing ample nitrogen during the early elongation stage of bloom encourages plants to reach their full genetic potential.

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Cultured solutions Bloom Mid


Flower Formation

Cultured Solutions® Bud Booster – Mid incorporates high levels of Phosphorous and Potassium to provide your plants with the minerals needed during primary flower periods. Our zero Nitrogen bloom booster also supplies Sulfur and Magnesium to assist in the synthesis of essential amino acids. This encourages the production of complex sugars and starches, crucial during fruit and flower formation.

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Cultured solutions Bloom Late


Final Ripening

Cultured Solutions® Bud Booster – Late is an exceptionally pure, powdered nutrient, specifically formulated for the ripening period of the bloom cycle. Higher levels of Phosphorus and Potassium during the late flower phase encourage plants to reach final maturation and maximize essential oil production.

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