Botanicare Feed Charts

With a 20-year history as a leader in the Hydroponic industry, Botanicare offers a comprehensive range of hydroponic products bringing the freedom and flexibility of growing-your-own to consumers around the world.

Based in Chandler, Arizona Botanicare manufactures innovative, products including: Pure Blend Tea, KIND, Pure Blend Pro, CNS17, Liquid Karma, Sweet, CAL-MAG, Clearex, Ready Gro, Cocogro, and a complete line of trays, reservoirs and accessories.

Pure Blend Pro Soil Standard

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Soil Standard Feed Chart

Pure Blend Pro Soil Expert

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Soil Expert Feed Chart

Pure Blend Pro Standard

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Standard Feed Chart

Pure Blend Pro Expert

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Expert Feed Chart

KIND Simplified

Botanicare Kind Simplified Feed Chart

KIND Expert

Botanicare Kind Expert Feed Chart

KIND Soil & Coco

KIND Rockwool Expert

botanicare Kind Rockwool expert

CNS17 Standard

Botanicare CNS17 Standard Feed Chart

CNS17 Expert

Botanicare CNS17 Expert Feed Chart

CNS17 Soil\COCO\Hydro

Aromas & Terpines

Aromas & Terpenes
Pure Blend Pro

The Pure Blend Pro series includes natural and organic-based, easy to use, one-part, base nutrients. Each water soluble formula has been carefully crafted to increase flavors, aromas and terpenes in your crops.

Botanicare Kind Nutrients

The Kind Nutrient System represents the culmination of more than 15 years working with science and nature, combined with extensive experimentation and testing.

Cyco Dr.Repair feed chart
CNS17 Nutrients

Originally developed as a professional grade nutrient by renowned scientist Dr. Lynette Morgan, CNS17 is the result of an innovative process that allows us to produce a one part nutrient with the correct ratio of all the required mineral ions.

Cyco Dr.Repair feed chart