Skunk Grow Supply

Everything You Need To Grow!

The Skunk Grow Supply Goal

We offer everything you need to grow your own medicine & food!

As a case manager for the military, I have seen pharmaceuticals and alcohol ruin the lives and careers of so many people. After the Military, I was a social worker supporting kids. Most of those cases were related to pharmaceuticals and alcohol too. This is another journey to help people get the medicine they need.

Our goal is to offer the education and tools you need to grow your own medicine and food at home.

Do not try to order from our website until after Oct 5th 2019, We are working on the shipping rates and have disabled checkout.

If you need something please come in to our store to order, credit card must be present. No phone orders.

We try to bring every aspect of the growing industry to you in a one stop shop!

We sell and stock products from all of the companies below!